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A tailor-made piloting experience

When you become a member of the HYRacing Club you have the privilege of accompanying us on our track days.

If you want to drive contemporary cars of yours, if you don’t want a mindless youngster in a prototype or in a vitamin-boosted BMW to take you outside and put you in the chicane on a rainy day (experience experienced by the editor), then the Club is for you.

We always privatize the circuits on which we drive, so you will have the assurance that only old cars will drive with you on the track. In addition, our charter of good conduct implies respecting the slowest and only overtaking them if there is room and preferably in a straight line …

In winter, we look for destinations where we think we can ride on dry tracks. The circuits that we will propose to you to discover are called Almeria, Ascari, Barcelona and are generally arranged in cases where nature will make your eyes shine.

We can organize the relocation of your car. If you want to fully enjoy the immersive experience in the Team, we can book your stay in our hotel for you. You will thus guarantee yourself convivial evenings nourished by the anecdotes and humor of our pilots and our technical staff.

You can of course rent one of our cars for the day or half a day with of course the presence of a coach who will allow you to get the most out of it.

If you came with your own vehicle, a coach and our assistance are at your disposal.

The coach to improve your driving and the assistance to allow you to do so without worrying about mechanics, refueling and consumables (tires, brakes, etc.)

The advantages of the Club

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