Taxi lap

Henry Ford's emotional experience

taxi lap on our GT40 and Shelby Cobra

These taxi lap allow you to relive the emotional experience of Henry Ford II discovering what a racing car was like. If you’ve ever ridden in a modern GT with admittedly powerful acceleration and braking you’ve come a long way from what a GT40 or Shelby Cobra offers you.

Breathtaking acceleration in a thunderous noise, amazing curve speeds, the impression of being one with the machine and ultimately of being a sensory element of the vehicle. We guarantee that the emotions you will experience in our cars, you will remember them for a long time after …

GT 40 taxi lap rate: € 599
Shelby Cobra taxi lap rate: € 549
Games Competition to win a taxi lap : € 10

Course of a taxi lap

The arrival

The taxi lap sequences take place in a space-time of 2h15. We will serve you a welcome coffee in our lounge, then a safety briefing and a presentation of the circuit.

The preparation

Then comes the moment to put on your suit, your balaclava (like the pilots!) And your helmet. After getting to know your pilot, who will give you the final instructions, you will be harnessed in the passenger seat.

The experience

And then you will go for a few rides that you will remember all your life

The debriefing

At the end of these laps, a little debrief with the driver in the car with the engine off (Mr. Ford! How are you?).


It will be time to get out of the car, take off your helmet and your suit. As a souvenir of this trip we offer you your balaclava, the video of your best lap on the circuit as well as the video of your face during it.

Some pictures of the Events