The universe of the glorious 30s

When sex was safe and Motor Racing was dangerous!

This sentence by Jacky Stewart symbolizes a whole era. That of the 30 glorious years, when we were less rich than today but resolutely optimistic.

It is the blessed era of Blues and Rock’n Roll, of Swinging London and the one in which a test pilot engineer will put the first human foot on the moon in 1969. A journalist, just before takeoff of the Saturn V rocket asked Neil Armstrong what were the chances of success of the mission; the answer was: 50%. The Age of Heroes, “the Right Stuff”!

Our goal is to get you back to this carefree attitude (without the danger of course!).

When you will be with us you will find your child’s soul which made you push on the levers of your Scalextric circuit so that your GT40 finally overtakes that damn Ferrari.


Whether you come on our taxi lap or on our track days you will find an environment that will immerse you in the 60s, the combinations of coaches, those of mechanics, tire smells, the noise of V8s, 6 and 12 cylinders are accepted too !



Taxiing on private circuits

HYRacing invites you to ride in the cars that spawned the automotive legend of the 60s. Meet the emotion and the sensations provided by these vehicles driven at the time both by heroes of the automobile but also by gentlemen drivers. 

If you’ve seen the movie “Le Mans 66”, put yourself in Caroll Shelby’s passenger Henry Ford II shoes for a test drive of the GT40. For Henry Ford II, the addition was 500 million Dollars (or 4,250 million today), we can assure you that it will be much cheaper for you …

With your car

(if it is registered before 12/31/1973)

Rental of our vehicles

(GT40, Shelby Cobra 289 FIA, de Tomaso Pantera, Ford Mustang)

The HYRacing team wishes that these moments spent with us remain magical in your memory. If you have the chance to be part of our HYRacing club and to participate in our dinners on the evening of the track days, you will discover the team’s solidarity, and our pilots and mechanics will be keen to share their anecdotes and their humor with you, always politically. correct  !